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Who are 7 Winds Paragliding Club?

Paragliding? Paramotoring? Outdoor trip? Adventure time? Exploring Israel? Flying experience? – 

Call it however you want, but with the biggest, most professional paragliding club in Israel you 

know you will have the best time of your life.

A combination of a paragliding school and a happy home for many pilots in every level, brings you 

a full personal attention and an extra-ordinary experience.


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Introducing: 7 Winds Paragliding School

‘7 Winds Paragliding School’ offers a wide range of courses, including tandem paragliding flight, 

paramotoring, competition flying and many many more.

From the basics to the most advanced flying level – we are here just for you! 

School progress speed is up to you and your ambition for developing your new hobby.


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FAI Cerification

Your safety is guaranteed with 7 Winds Paragliding Club.

All of our pilots are fully certified by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)
and highly experienced with hundreds of flight hours.

We will introduce you to the equipment and make you
feel comfortable for a safe and enjoyful flight.

How it works


Contact us by phone or email

We want to hear your wishes to better fit our flights for you.

Choose what fits you

Flight experience, cross-country or Powered paragliding Trike ? We will help you decide according to your needs and budget.
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Choose your flight location

You can choose from over 20 different locations across Israel to take off from.

We are everywhere

From south to north - You can choose any area to flight from across the country, or ask us for recommendation according the season, weather, winds and your preferences of flight style and level!
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Arrive and gear up

We will tell you where and when to be, guide you about your specific flight and get your ready to fly.

Morning flights

after arriving, we will fully guide you about safety and caution while flying and tell you a short background about the places you about to see.
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Fly over Israel

Enjoy flying easy and safe with our well expirienced instructors.

Flying is absolutely the best part

Israel is a beautiful country. We are very exited to share this beauty with you by viewing it in such a spacial way.
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About us

" ...For generations, human kind wanted to rise, rise above the ground.  Now? it is possible - Watch the video.

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